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Since early 2001, radioNUR has been the only world-wide, full-time Internet radio program featuring music, educational, and entertainment programing from a Bahá'í perspective.

Update: October 2010

Earlier this month, we lost our DSL modem. Normally, that's not a huge problem, except that this time, it revealed that we had not properly reconfigured our stream to the New Zealand streaming service (48k) after they changed some primary server settings, well over a year ago. Since the stream runs constantly, the changes hadn't impacted us UNTIL we were down for over 24 hours, when the streaming service finally shut down the old stream -- expecting us to be attached to the new stream. Those adjustments have been made and we are now back up and running. At the same time, our alternate (64k) stream had some issues, and we had to deal with those, as well.

The result is that if you connect through the "original" stream -- our 48kbs stream, you will need to repoint your media player and your browser. The basic change involves changing the URL "" to "" We have updated the instructions, below, to reflect these changes.

Update: April 2010

We are in the process of enhancing some of the technical capabilities and capacities of  radioNUR. We expect these changes to occur over the next few months. We hope to have all of them in place, by late August. These changes will have little, if any, impact on most listeners. If there are any changes to streams, you will be notified well in advance, giving you plenty of time to adjust your players to any new streams. Additionally, we will be doing some major (and badly needed) revisions of the music library. We have a stack of at least 50 CD's sitting next to the mixing board that have not been ripped and added to the on-air music. We also have quite a number of audio files that have been sent to us that also need to be incorporated. We expect to begin rolling out this music by the end of May, and hope to have as much of it, as possible, in place, by early July, at which time, we also intend to go back through the library and replace any damaged or lost files. These changes should greatly freshen the sound, as well as introduce you to many more Bahá'í artists from around the world.

Note from Management

radioNUR is entering its 10th year of operation.  Over that time, we have come a long way. One of the best developments of the last couple of years is the expansion of wireless services through which radioNUR is now available.  Below you will find instructions to listen to radioNUR, not only on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers, but on a variety of cellular phones and PDA devices.  Essentially, if you can hear a Shoutcast stream on your phone or PDA, you can listen to radioNUR for free -- anywhere.  

Many years ago,  someone said that until he could listen in his car, radioNUR was useless (to him).  I just plug my BlacBerry into the Aux jack of my car stereo, tune radioNUR in through radioBee, and head on down the road.  As long as I have cell phone service, I have radioNUR. If your mobile phone contract supports unlimited data and internet access, you can do the same.

We know the new website does not utilize the most elegant layout for a modern website. We elected to go with a simple, frameless design because we wanted to insure that it loaded fast regardless of platform.  We may, ultimately, break up some of this front-page "stuff" into multiple pages, but we want to test this format on a variety of devices before we complicated it.


New Logo

radioNUR needs a new logo.  We have been using the same green globe with the yellow circles for most of the 21st Century.  To submit your design for a new radioNUR logo, you can contact us through email.  If we select your logo, you will receive mention, on our website for your design.

K11UU-TV in Pago Pago

K11UU is the only Baha'i owned television station in the southern hemisphere and is the only operating US FCC licensed Low Power Television station in the southern hemisphere. Weekly they produce a one hour interfaith question program in Samoan and another program in English which are available on DVD for the cost of postage only. Postage will be paid if they are to be used for re-transmission.  

K11UU-TV is currently airing radioNUR during the hours of transmission when they don't have other programming airing.  Additionally, they have provided radioNUR with an annual sponsorship which covers our annual streaming and hosting costs, and the renewal of our domain name for the next five years.  Thanks to everyone at KIUU-TV.
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How to listen: PC's, Linuxtm, Cell Phones, PDA's, or Mactm

If your web browser has ActiveX controls turned on, you are probably already listening to radioNUR through this webpage (works on most computes).  The player at the top of this page should have automatically started the stream of our station when you landed, here.  If not, try hitting the play button.  However, if you want to listen to radioNUR without coming to this website (or if this site is down for any reason) you can do so using our desktop files (see below) and these instructions.

Imagine riding in your car and listining to radioNUR, anytime, day or night.  With a your Phone/PDA attached to your car's stereo (via Bluetooth, an Aux jack, or via a cassette adapter), you can use radioNUR on your car stereo, anywhere you get reception.  

Below are just some of the ways you can connect to radioNUR using a number of devices.  
Windowstm computers Download the desktop files (see below) and install to your desktop.  Load any of the three playlist files into your favorite media player.  You can double click on the files to load them into the default player. The best audio within MediaPlayer (with no add-on files) is the file called radioNUR64.m3u.  The file with the extension ASX has the best audio and plays well in WinAmp (it requires additional files in MediaPlayer).

Download the desktop files (see below) and download and install the VideoLan - VLC mediaplayer.  Load either of the m3u files into VideoLan, and radioNUR will stream directly to your Macintosh.

Also, according to one of our favorite recording artists, Camán, Radium from CatPigStudios also works well on Mac OS X+. radioNUR is listed on their download page.
To listen under Linux, download and install BMPx Media Player and search for radioNUR (or use one of the desktop files and copy the URL into the program).  

Usually just downloading the desktop files and launching one of them from your desktop is sufficient to load the station into your default player.
BlackBerrytm Phones/PDAs Download and install the radioBee application from the BlackBerry store ($4.99). This application works with all ShoutCast radio stations (like radioNUR).  

Search for radioNUR and save both streams to your favorites.  That way, if one feed is down, the other will be available.
& PDAs
For the Pre & Pixie phones, download the shoutcast player Net2Streams.  Search for radioNUR and save both streams to your favorites.  That way, if one feed is down, the other will be available.

For older Palm devices, download the desktop files (see below) and  install pTunestm on your PDA/phone . Load either of the m3u files into pTunestm, and radioNUR will stream directly to your Palm.  This is for all phones/PDAs that use PalmOS or Windows Mobile (not the  Pre and Pixie).
iPhonetm Possibly the most reliable player for the iPhone is ShoutCast for iPhone.  Download the desktop files (see below) and load either of the m3u files.

Use Radio Box, on iPhone. Download the desktop files (see below) and load either of the m3u files.  

Search for radioNUR and save both streams to your favorites.  That way, if one feed is down, the other will be available.
Droidtm phone
Use Android Online Radio or radioBee. radioBee also works well under Mobile Windows.

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Desktop Files

If you would rather listen to radioNUR directly from your desktop or other device (PDA, cell phone, etc.) download this zip file. The comprssed file contains three playlist files that you can place on your desktop to connect.  Once you have unzipped the files, you should be able to simply double click on the file, or load it into your default player, and the station should play directly on your computer, or other device.  One file uses AAC+v2 encoding (asx) and although it offers the highest quality audio stream, it only works with WinAmp and other AAC+v2-enabled players.  The other two streams will work in just about any player.  You may select the 48kbs or the 64kbs stream, depending upon your connection speed.  These last two playlist files have successfully been used on a variety of devices and operating systems.  

Under Windowstm, WinAmp is one of the best media players.  Below is a link to download WinAmp.


Click the above link to download the desktop/playlist  files.

These files are used in many of the solutions outlined above for listening to the station using various operating systems and on mobile phones or PDA's.

Click the above link to download the WinAmp Player  (one of the best for Windows)

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radioNUR offers a wide array of merchandise to help you tell your friends about your favorite Internet radio station.  Through our partners at CafePress you can purchase quality shirts, hoodies, book bags and other merchandise with the radioNUR logo.  Every sale helps keep the station running and every time you wear it you show your support for radioNUR.  Click below, to enter our shop...

The radioNUR Shop @ CafePress
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Recently Played Songs

If the "Recently Played Songs" list does not update, simply refresh.

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Become a radioNUR Sponsor

The Sponsorship program is currently changing, we will be announcing the details in the near future.
Click here for a one-month $50 sponsorship Click here for a 12 month, "Dollar a Day" sponsorship

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